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Eva Sless

“Thanks so much for providing me with this invaluable resource …The book will assist many young women as they begin to understand their bodies, sexuality and gender. The resource was thoroughly enjoyable to read in that it provided a voice to topics that are often seen as taboo.” Ro Allen –  Gender & Sexuality Commissioner of Victoria.

RELEASE DATE: March 2017

A Teen Girl’s Guide to Getting Off


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- Sex - Pleasure - Consent - Sexuality - Desire - Relationships -

What teenage girl doesn’t think about these things?

With information rife on the internet how do you know who to trust?

Well, here’s your big sister Eva to help guide you through one of the most confusing times you’ll ever experience!

Eva is known in the blogger-sphere as somewhat of a sexpert. She knows what should be part of a healthy sex education but those topics are often completely ignored in the conversations we have at school.

And what about at home? Are you able to talk with your folks about things like... periods, masturbation and orgasms? Or the right reasons to say yes and how best to say no?

If you answered no, then you’ve found the right book for you!
A Teen Girl's Guide To Getting Off is the best toolkit for real sex education discussing the issues facing the modern teen girl in an open, honest, frank and often funny way.


Introducing “Madam”

Prissy Du Ponce – an accidental drag queen

Peter’s connections to the drag industry were well known by his colleagues; but when everyone had declined Peter’s invitations to the work Christmas do, he decided to take matters into his own hands.
Peter and Alex embark on a journey for a weekend away that ends up sliding into the birth of an accidental Drag queen.
Join them for one hell of a ride through the laughs, the love, the trials and tribulations and of course, the Rosies!

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“Stories of …” series

Catalyst: Stories of Awakening

Awaken Your Senses…

Several unsuspecting people are about to have their lives changed forever.

Kate, the confident Domina, steps into a realm which she feels is so familiar, yet upon meeting Asher, a wicked sensual Dom, Kate’s whole world is turned upside down. Rhiannon, the unmistakable party girl, vivacious and impulsive, is quickly tamed to purr like a kitten. GG, the ex-stripper is possessed by a desire, but there would be no dancing for her except with the devil. And Sir Victor, a powerful debonair man whose presence has far reaching effects, further than anyone will ever know! Through these stories of awakening, you will discover situations you thought existed only in your fantasies. Let your voyeur run free through this dark underground scene and watch each person’s journey unfold, as their worlds collide and indelibly entwine.

Desire – the second book in the “Stories of…” series

Desire: Stories of Longing

Have you ever….

Wanted to peek behind the doors of a Domina’s life? Lady Vivianne has all that she could ever want: a growing corsetry business, her dear friends Victor and Kate, and Rhiannon her faithful submissive. Is there such a thing as too much success, though? Her business life is impinging on her living space, and the past is knocking her sideways with headaches fit for a queen! Fortunately, her mentor Victor steps in with some offers that seem too good to be true.


Belle, a budding submissive in her own right, is sent in by Victor to help Vivianne, but the mutual attraction between her and Belle does not go unnoticed by Rhiannon. All too quickly, Vivianne finds herself torn between lovers and loosing grip on her control… will this time be more than even her closest friends and allies can pull her back from?

The second book in the Stories of…. series delves deeper into the world of BDSM.

 Are you ready for the ride?

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