About Us

We identify as Queer and Alternative in our lives and it’s ultimately what drove us to create this company.

Our motto is that if you are, then inherently, so is your writing!

Fiction from the mouths of those within …

Born from the frustrations of being mislabelled and misunderstood by mainstream publishers, and with a need to find a publisher who undertood the unique writing process of a writers like us ; KL Joy and GA Howie began the journey of La Bouche Books.

We aim to support the writer to help you realise your dream.

Our start up year was 2014, and we have high hopes for the coming years. As well as putting out a couple of our own books under this label and finding other writers whose philosophy fits with ours; we also have a dream to get our first anthology out! We’d love to hear from you – the writer. The one, whose secret fantasy is to see your work in print, though you thought it too controversial, sexy, or nasty for the page, that’s what we aim to print!

See our submission guidelines for more info

Our work will always be of the highest standard, going through all the usual processes of publication, but our focus will be the niche market of those within the lifestyle, who are QUEER and/or ALTERNATIVE who love to read and let’s face it there are loads of you out there that are looking for a representation of ‘us’ beyond the many shades.

 Queer and Alternative = sex positive and informative, drag and D/s, tantalising and titillating, poetic and fetishist, mysterious and accepting, challenging and funny, Leather and rainbow, erotic and poly, revealing, subtle and non- binary!

These are some of the things you will find between the lips of a La Bouche Book.

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