We are here for READERS and WRITERS.


You live several lives while reading. At La Bouche Books, we realised the power of the book to transport you to another world, another dimension or another life. We also know that the art of quiet reading is being over taken by the fast paced technological world.

We think we’ve found a balance.

Everything you need to get a book to your device or door is clearly set out here on our website. You spend less time in the process of buying a book than usual and we guarantee that you will enjoy what you purchase!

Our eBooks are high quality, formatted to a multitude of devices for easy reading.

Our print books are sourced from the nearest printer to you – no matter where you are in the world – so that you receive them in the quickest time.


A thousand words will fall on a page before the magic happens.

Our passion for our authors is also apparent in that we support them for who they are.

As we identify as Queer and Alternative we know that the people who visit this page will be respectful of diversity in our communities.

The LGBTIQA+ community are welcome to submit writings with us in any genre if they wish. We have started creating a space that will only grow as we do. The other side of the coin is our alternative lifestyle. We live in a world were communication is key to making sure that everyone is safe, sane and consenting. We are following those same guidelines within our business.

Our focus is not on the genre, but if yours is, we have some easy to follow colours to help you identify the style of writing that will suit you.


With a strong queer and alternative bent to them

Queer writing

Content or author driven; non erotica

Crime writing

Think tart noir but with a queer bent to it.
Coming soon

Non- Fiction

a sex positive space for authors who find it hard to be published with their work elsewhere.

We’re here, we’re queer and we’re going to debunk the myth.

At La Bouche books we are Changing the Face of Publishing.

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